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October 16th, 2012

Schaer ('12) is published in Slice Magazine

If you attended our first Open House this summer featuring poet Robin Beth Schaer, you heard her read 'Disturbance.' Here are the first few stanzas:

Put a silver coin on your tongue
with a penny underneath
and you can taste the electricity.

We said go slow but were urgent
as elephants, charging down
the power lines. Now the lights

won’t stay on and the trees
are down. Sleep until you’re done,
I’m awake, brushing hands along

darkened walls, feeling for the switch.
It must be here somewhere. We are
electric; this is not a metaphor.


This poem has just been published in the latest issue of Slice Magazine. You can preview the poem on their site. Better yet, you can purchase an issue on-line. 

Congratulations, Robin!