Application Guidelines

The deadline for our 2015 juried residency program will be January 2, 2015. 

Please continue reading to learn more about our application process. 

We accept New York State writers and artists for residencies in the following categories:

  • Poetry
  • Fiction & Creative Nonfiction
  • Photography (film or digital) & Film
  • PSVA: Painting / Sculpture / Visual Arts   

Dates for one-month residencies in 2015: TBA

Dates for two-week residencies in 2015: TBA

Please note: Applicants may apply for either a month-long residency or a two-week residency (not both.) Applicants may apply in more than one artistic or literary category, however a complete and separate application for each category is required.

All applicants must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age. The residency program is open to legal residents of New York State (all counties). This means you must be living and working in the State of New York at the time of your application. 

Applicants should seriously consider whether the communal environment of the colony suits their temperaments and work habits. The Foundation requires that those selected for residencies firmly commit to spending their awarded residency period at the colony.

Residencies are awarded on artistic merit, based on the evaluation of independent juries comprised of distinguished professionals in each field. Our jury panels change each year. We encourage artists in every stage of their career regardless of education or experience to apply. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, religious belief, marital status, sexual orientation, or national origin.

We strongly encourage all applicants to apply on-line. However we do accept hard-copy applications. You can download and print a PDF version of the application -- this will be available as a sidebar on this page in October.

On-line application instructions. 

Please be prepared with the following information and documents before beginning the on-line application process. You cannot save your application and go back to it later.

  • A one-page resumé (yes, just one page)
  • For visual artists, photographers and filmmakers: a folder of work samples and a file list for your discipline - read Work Sample Requirements below carefully!
  • For writers: a work sample
  • A brief 500-750 word artist's or writer's statement and a concept of how you might spend your time at Saltonstall if awarded a residency
  • Contact information for TWO (2) personal or professional references who are familiar with you and your work and your potential to be a positive member of our small community of residents (note: no letters are necessary; we just ask for contact information for your references)
  • PayPal or credit card information for the application fee of $25 (note: you will be directed to a PayPal checkout page, however you do not need to create a PayPal account if you don't have one. You can pay with a credit card.)

Work Sample Requirements:

Every applicant will be asked to upload three items:

  • A one-page resume. Yes, just one page, please.
  • Your work sample. Examples of your creative work are the most important part of your application. For visual artists, photographers and filmmakers, please include your file list within the folder containing your samples.
  • An artist's or writer's statement. Please tell us about your current work (ideally about your submitted work sample), and give us a sense of how you envision your time at Saltonstall if awarded a residency. This is not a work proposal. We realize you may not know yet what you would work on while at Saltonstall. Simply give us an idea. This is your opportunity to give the jurors some additional context to the work they're viewing or reading. (Please limit your total response to 750 words. Thank you!)

Poets: Please upload a document of no more than fifteen (15) pages, with no more than one (1) poem per page. (In other words, a single poem can be longer than one page, but please do not include two poems on the same single page.)

Fiction & Creative Nonfiction writers: Please upload a document of no more than thirty (30) double-spaced pages (250-300 words per page), which may consist of a complete short work or an excerpt from a longer work.

Visual artists and photographers: Please upload a single folder containing your file list and up to 10 samples of your work at 72 dpi & 1000 pixels in the largest direction. Images can be JPEG, GIF, or TIFF files. Please make every effort to keep the folder's file between 2-5mb total. 

Visual artists and photographers: your file list should include the title, date, medium, and dimensions of each piece you are submitting. 

Filmmakers: Please upload 1-2 five-minute samples of your work. Your file list should provide a very brief description of each sample in addition to a title and date the work was created. Links to Vimeo, YouTube, or a personal web site, etc. are accepted. (Please be sure to provide any user name / password information necessary.)

VISUAL ARTISTS & PHOTOGRAPHERS -- PLEASE NOTE: We have learned through some applicants' trial and error that you must upload your images in a Zipped file (with a file extension .zip). For some reason, regular folders do not upload properly and we only end up with a single image of your work. Details for zipping files on a Windows based machine can be found here. Details for zipping files on a Mac can be found here.

We have also recently learned that Google Chrome is not compatible with our application form. Most other browsers work fine: Safari, Firefox, etc.

How to title your uploaded files:

All uploaded files, regardless of the file type – Word and PDF documents, folders of work samples, individual images and digital files – should follow the same format, followed by the file extension (ex. .docx .pdf .jpg .mov, etc.):

- resumes: LastnameFirstname.resume

- work sample (for writers): LastnameFirstname.worksample

- folder of work samples (for visual artists and photographers or filmmakers): LastnameFirstname.worksample

- individual work sample images or film clips: LastnameFirstname.1, LastnameFirstname.2, etc.

- file list: LastnameFirstname.filelist

- artist or writer's statement: LastnameFirstname.statement




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